Polymath and Professor, Awesh Bhornya has been an educator and corporate trainer in the field of data analysis for 10 fruitful years. 

He specializes in Microsoft Excel, and the use of TABLEAU and MICROSOFT POWER BI in the many online and offline training he has conducted. R, PYTHON, SPSS and SQL, are also part of his multifaceted arsenal. 

Mr. Awesh’s belief in constant learning has lead him to the Infinity Learning technique. The Learning CYCLE – “LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN” is the best way one can keep up with the knowledge requirements of the constantly changing world.

He plans on using Infinity Learning as a medium to educate people about the potential of Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Story Telling and many other relevant skill sets in today’s era.

Keep Learning is the motto of Infinity Learning because that is what we humans should do to sustain in our journey from the “Cradle to the Grave”.

In addition to imparting knowledge about Data Analytics, Infinity Learning will be used as a platform to “Educate the Educators of today” across various verticals and platforms. In order to accomplish this mission of Mr. Awesh Bhornya there will be video, blogs and other tutorials on how to teach online effectively and create engaging online content.